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Written by dew_drop on 27/05/2011 11:02 PM | COMMENTS (5)

Today a girlfriend (thank you Julie) introduced me to Hemp Hearts - they are shelled hemp seeds.

They are very small (about the size of a sesame seed), areVERY high in protein and are quite tasty. They taste like a mix between sunflower seeds and peanuts.

Because they have one of the highest concentrations in nature of protein, healthy fats, vitamins and enzymes - effectively a SUPER FOOD.

How Hemp Hearts Compare to Other Foods
  • They contain more required amino acids (protein) than milk, meat or eggs
  • They are more balanced and digestible than Soy products
  • They contain several times more Omega-3's than any fish
  • They provide more energy than energy bars and without the sugar or saturated fats
Health Benefits of Hemp Hearts
  • lowering blood pressure because of their anti-inflammatory properties
  • decreasing risk for colon and prostate cancer
  • aid in digestion & relieve the symptoms associated with indigestion
  • reduce cravings for sugars and other stimulants (hemp hearts are actually known to suppress appetite as well as reduce cravings)
  • they are FULL of Omega-6 and Omega-3 healthy fats
  • lowering cholesterol (& therefore preventing heart disease) because of their high phytosterol content
  • there are no known allergies and so people who are gluten sensitive, can't eat nuts, wheat, dairy, etc ... can still eat hemp hearts
Nutritional Information: 5 Tbsp = 25.9grams of HEALTHY fats, 5.9grams of carbohydrates, 5grams of dietary fiber & 20grams of protein!!

Ways to Use Hemp Hearts

  • Add to ANY baking recipe or substitute for nuts (I'd just add them as well)
  • Use to 'bread' meats in place of bread-crumbs
  • Eat off a spoon - they are tasty as is ...
  • Add to shakes, yogurts, cereals, wraps, salads, condiments (ie/ mix into mustard)
  • You can blend them with some cocoa powder into a raw nut butter for toast
  • My girlfriend likes to cut a papaya in half, spoon in some yogurt and top with hemp hearts ... YUMMY!
Recommended Daily Intake
  • 3-5 tablespoons for adults and 3-5 teaspoons for children
FYI - For those of you thinking about Mary Jane ... hemp and marijuana are both part of the cannabis family but hemp doesn't contain the 'purple-haze' inducing compounds.

I've only known about them for about 8 hours and I'm sold. You can pick them up at some grocery stores and at most health food stores. I'm picking mine up tomorrow!! Bring on the hemp hearts!!

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  • Post Image kit_carmelite_2008

    10/05/2013 8:05 AM
    What is the nutrition info?

  • Post Image jancalder

    06/11/2012 12:05 PM
    When I checked it was 4 PP for 2 Tbsp. I like to sprinkle them on my cereal in the morning.

  • Post Image prattca

    05/06/2011 7:37 AM
    How many points are the hemp hearts??

  • Post Image dew_drop

    29/05/2011 5:54 PM
    The one thing I noticed at the store today is that they are expensive little things!! DH and I have decided that we will buy a $20 tub once per month - when it runs out we wont buy one again until the next month.

  • Post Image chrisseabrook

    28/05/2011 3:23 PM
    I just found them too...about 1 month ago. I love them


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